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Aplo offers

Clearing & Custody: efficient clearing and secure custody

All of your crypto and fiat operations through a single, regulated account.

Reliable Clearing and Settlement

Streamline your Crypto Transactions with Aplo’s Clearing and Settlement Services.


  • Clearing: trade across multiple venues without pre-funding
  • Cross-margining (coming soon): Use your long positions’ equity to finance your borrowing for short positions
Best-in-class Custody Services

Your digital assets are safe with Aplo. We offer multiple tools and services that go above and beyond competitor offerings.


  • Qualified crypto custody: Aplo is registered with the AMF (French SEC)
  • Stake from custody
Comprehensive fiat capability

Moving from fiat to crypto has never been as seamless.


  • On and off-ramp with EUR, USD or GBP
  • Dedicated € IBAN account
  • Tri-party setup: leave your fiat in a partner bank and trade e-OTC with Aplo

Trading: An advanced platform

An institutional-grade trading experience, access a wide-range of financial instruments and trading tools through a single platform.

Extensive market access

We offer turnkey access to global spot and derivative liquidity, maximizing capital efficiency.

  • Direct Market Access
  • Sponsored Access
Advanced Trade Execution

Trade through a single account, facing one counterparty and settlement mechanism. Trades are executed across the largest exchanges for best execution.


  • Smart Order Routing
  • Direct Strategy Access
High Touch Trading

Our expert team brings all their crypto native market experience to bear when executing high touch trades.


  • Synthetic Prime Brokerage: gain exposure to a wide range of crypto instruments without owning the physical
  • Block trading
  • Portfolio Trading

Credit & financing: Gain exposure, hedge risk

We facilitate all your working capital needs, with bespoke structures and terms.

Credit risk transfer

Aplo now offers customers the opportunity to safeguard against counterparty risk when trading.


  • Synthetic DMA: Trade on multiple platforms without exposure to physical crypto or counterparty risk.
  • e-OTC from custody
Borrowing and Lending

Lend your digital assets, or borrow against either crypto or cash collateral to facilitate working capital needs


  • Leverage
  • Agency crypto lending
  • Delayed settlement
  • Yield

Reporting & Technology: your one-stop-shop for crypto operations

Streamline your operations with our comprehensive reporting and advanced tech, all in one place.

Advanced user management

Securely manage and authorize user actions with our comprehensive governance services.


  • User roles and permissions
  • Transaction approval policy
  • Multi-approval scheme for withdrawal requests
  • Whitelisting for crypto wallet addresses
Integration tools

Integrate Aplo into any workflow with ease. Aplo provides powerful embedded tools that allow you to distribute our products easily.


  • Virtual accounts: a subledger for thousands of end users
  • Delegation: distribute Aplo products to your end customers

Institutional-grade risk management processes and procedures

Robust KYT, AML, KYC protocols

Comprehensive anti-money laundering and know-your-customer policies and procedures are in place, with verification by industry-leading third parties.

Ongoing market monitoring

Operational specialists constantly monitor market activity for discrepancies and danger, acting fast to protect client assets and shutdown risk.

Fortified security

Our cybersecurity experts have built a comprehensive, multi-layered security network protecting client assets from malicious threats.

Credit risk transfer

We offer the opportunity to safeguard against counterparty risk when trading.

Who we do it for

We service institutions at every stage of their journey into the crypto universe.

  • Crypto ‘Native’ Funds
  • Hedge Funds & Asset Managers
  • Trading Firms
  • Banks
  • Fintechs

Changing market dynamics and shifting expectations are reshaping the needs of digital asset investors. Whether we are in a bull or a bear market, Aplo provides the products and services that meet your needs.

So, if you’re an experienced crypto fund looking to scale, a trading firm allocating to crypto assets for the first time, or even a bank who wants to offer crypto services to your clients, we have the tools you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about our prime services.

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